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Head Coach - Level 4 Women's Artistic

Vikki Sylvester is head coach of Uttoxeter Gymnastics Club and coaches the squad gymnasts.


Level 4 Women's Artistic Coaches

Stacey Moreton is a Level 4 Senior Club Coach and coaches our senior squad gymnasts. She is currently working towards her Level 5 qualification.

Stacey is also a qualified dance teacher in tap, ballet, modern and jazz and is responsible for all squad floor routines.

Stacey is also a qualified UKCC Tutor and regularly lectures on coaching courses.





Sam GoodberrySam Goodberry

Sam works primarily with our senior squad gymnasts, and also with Compulsory 5 & 4 gymnasts. He also helps lead our womens floor and vault programme.





Steph Johnson

Steph works with our squad gymnasts, including gymnasts going to the prestigious British Championships. She also does a lot of teaching & mentoring within the club, leading our young leader programme.

Level 3 Women's Artistic Coach

Zoe Fallows





Level 2 Women's Artistic

Hannah Stirley (Schools Co-ordinator)
- Level 1 General
- Level 1 Pre-school
- Schools Co-ordinator

Katie Sylvester

Jess Fry

Ellie Geofferson

Ailish Gillick

Amanda McNelis


Level 1 Women's Artistic



Teri Conlon

Jayne Fallows

Pippa Oram

Tracey Sowter

Kira Watson

Pauline Kelly

Tammika Goodwin